Voiture 605

Welcome to the home page of Voiture 605 of the 40 & 8. We thank American Legion Post 58 for allowing us to have a presence on their website. Voiture 605 and the 40 & 8 were at one time a part of the American Legion Family. That changed in 1996. You can learn more about the 40& 8 by reading our history. Our promenade (meeting) is the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the  post home of Paso del Norte American Legion Post 58, 4724 Vulcan Ave in Northeast El Paso.

Officers of the Voiture 605

Daniel Janik – Chef de Gare

Donnie Watson – Chef de Train 1 & Commis Voyageur

Clarence Mladek Jr. – Chef de Train Two

Dale Thompson – Conducteur

William Flemming III – Avocat & Sous Commissaire Intendant

Raul Ballesteros Jr. – Aumonier

Harry Smith – Garde de la Port

Roger Folmar – Lampiste & Commissaire Intendant

Jose Salazar – Historien

Harry Smith – Garde de la Port

David Crozier – Publiste & Medicine

Rod Raulston – Cheminot No. 1

Anthony Petro – Cheminot No. 2 & Sous Correspondent

Burch Moore – Cheminot No. 3

Renslar “Renny” Keagle – Correspondent & Sous Commissaire Intendant

Mary Anderson – Dir. Nurses Training

Matthew McDaniel – Dir. POW/MIA


Here is the Latest Voyageur Briefs

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